Advanced NDT

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Advanced NDT Solutions

Corrosion Mapping

UKAS accredited service providing accurate and repeatable data capture of the internal surface at a 1x1mm resolution using our semi or fully automated systems Phased array systems

Time of flight diffraction (ToFD)

UKAS accredited TOFD services for both in-service and fabrication. Specialists in weld root corrosion detection and measuring.

Phased Array (PAUT)

Providing a wide range of phased array services such as flange face Inspection, complex geometry and bolt inspection.

Pulsed Eddy Current (PEC)

An inspection tool that can be used to detect general wall loss under 300mm of insulation, or, in situations where contact with the surface is not favourable to carry UT, such as external corrosion and scabs or coating breakdown.

High Temperature Hydrogen Attack (HTHA)

Early detection HTHA is critical to the safe operation of a plant, with the use of specialist probes and highly trained operators we are confident of helping to detect HTHA

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